How to Protect Gums While on Birth Control

For those that take oral contraceptives, sometimes it can affect gum health. You can get with your Kennewick dentist about it, but you might wonder if there are other things you can do, and if there are ways to protect the gums. You might even wonder how this affects the gum health as well.

Now, with an oral contraceptive, it’s tricking the body into thinking that you’re pregnant, so you might end up affecting your gum health. Often, you might start to see in pregnant and breastfeeding woman that they are inflamed and they do bleed a little bit. However, this also might impact based on the birth control that you’re taking.

Birth control causes an inflammatory response, causing them to become redder and even more swollen, and it can bleed easily. During different stages of life, these changes can affect the gum health, since these changes can cause inflammation in these tissues. There have been research studies to check to see if the oral contraceptives that had higher hormone levels affected anything, and they did, but these are higher than what’s on the market today. However, there is still a chance that gum inflammation could be caused by birth control, but it’s less likely.

A recent study has shown that there isn’t a hormonal effect on the gum tissue. However, there is some mixed results on the salivary flow of the mouth, for some show an increase, and some show a decrease in this. You also might be more likely to get a dry socket from a wisdom tooth extraction if you’re on birth control. You can experiment with various contraceptives until you find the right one. You don’t have to have long-term gum inflammation, nor do you have to accept it. while on birth control, you might feel some sorts of symptoms tin the gums, but you might not, but you’ll be able to make sure that you don’t have to feel this either by doing a few things to help with this.

The first, is to get a baseline reading. You should get a reading before you start, and then a reading after. This will tell you immediately if there is a difference in these gum lines, and if it’s mild or severe. Remember, each contraceptive has differing levels of hormones, so if the impact is severe, try a different one. You will want to make sure that you’re taking birth control as a factor into your gum health.

You should make sure you have the right oral hygiene habits too. Some of us brush too hard, or we don’t floss, or we don’t make sure that we do a c shape motion, or we don’t have the right brushing technique. You should make sure that your brushing and flossing are great, for while it is critical before, it can help to prevent various damage to your gums as well.

Finally, check your diet. If you’re having a diet that is rich in foods that cause little inflammation, you’ll be able to keep your gums healthy, and it’ll give you a better and different baseline to begin with. If you have a better baseline at the start before you take a contraceptive, it’ll help to keep your teeth healthier.

Obviously, you should make sure that you do go to the dentist a lot, since it’ll help keep any symptoms under control, and they’ll help to manage it. They often do pocket readings which will help to indicate how the gum health is. These are good in general, but you should make sure that you do watch out for this especially on birth control, for it can change everything.

Birth control is a way for one to regulate periods, help with preventing pregnancy, and it can overall help with a woman’s health. If you’re on it though, you should definitely keep in mind that you might have some gum health issues, so you should go to your Kennewick dentist to get some further help on this. They’ll be able to measure everything, help you see for yourself what needs to be done, and can overall help you with everything.


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